DocOut on z/Linux™

Optimize server usage by moving print management to Linux on System z

The MPI Tech server software DocOut™ is a versatile document management tool that helps you to integrate your System i and System z output into your office printing environment.

Convert IPDS to multiple output formats

The software converts the host data (IPDS and ICDS) to a wide range of commonly used output formats, e.g. PCL, PostScript, PDF and PDF/A.

DocOut™ contains options to support the extensive input and output facilities of MFP’s and Digital copiers and will convert your output to practically any network printer or MFP on the market.

Move the heavy conversion tasks to z/Linux servers

Using DocOut™ for print stream conversion enables a new dimension of AFP printing. It will handle virtually any challenge and supports both monochrome printing and full IPDS colour printing with the use of outline fonts DocOut™ meets today’s requirements for high volume/quality print. Optimum reliability is maintained with extensive end-to-end control of the printing process.

Operates on z/Linux operating platform to connect LAN printers to the IBM® environment.

Integrate host print and office print and add secure printing

Watch the presentation below to learn how we can help you tie together all parts of your document input and output functions.

Key features: 
Outline font support
PCL and PostScript output
PDF and PDF/A output
ICDS support via MPI Tech Print SubSystem/Enterprise Print Manager
MFP printer support
More than 500 printer sessions per server
Runs on Linux on IBM System z
Shrink-to-fit option
AFP & IPDS full colour support

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