LANBrick IV Coax

Connect your dedicated IBM Coax/Twinax printers to LAN print environments

LANBrick™ IV is the only and obvious choice when existing coax and twinax attached AFP/IPDS and Non-IPDS printers should be moved into an Ethernet LAN environment.

Simplify printing infrastructure

The solution preserves existing investments of printing equipment as well as it removes the need for double cabling systems. LANBrick is completely transparent to the Host print job data stream and thus requires no changes to existing applications. 

For further ease of use and setup, LANBrick IV supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) and automatic network configuration via DHCP.

LANBrick IV is designed for Ethernet networks and supports 10Base-T (RJ45 connector) networks.

LANBrick IV operates with IBM PSF/MVS, IBM PSF/400, IBM PSF/2 and PSF for AIX Version 2.1 to provide LAN connectivity for IBM compatible midrange and mainframe IPDS and Non-IPDS printers.

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