LinkCom IV passes HP Certification

On June 13 2011, MPI Tech received the Accreditation Certificate from the HP Accreditation, Certification and Test Team (ACT). This is an important milestone for MPI Tech as this accreditation re-enforce our longstanding relationship with HP.

MPI Tech and HP

For more than 20 years MPI Tech has developed solutions for HP Printers/MFPs and welcomes this recognition of MPI Tech's outstanding achievement in the Mainframe and AS/400 printing environment. 

Under the gold partnership agreement and the accreditation both HP and MPI Tech will offer a wide range of connectivity and data conversion solutions for Large Enterprise Businesses around the world.

More information

HP Solutions Business Partner Accreditation, Certification and Test Program 

LinkCom IV Print Server

LinkCom® IV makes connection of Page- and Line printers to complex IBM host systems and LAN environments easier than ever. 

Please visit our LinkCom IV product page for further information.