Conversion & enlightment solution

ScopConvert module is a solution which allows to take existing documentary data flows previously composed by any market composition tool.

ScopConvert takes documents from various protocols (AFP, PCL, PDF, Metacode, …) and normalize them in an internal format. Once normalized, the documents can be processed for various modification operations :

  • Unusable content deletion
  • Composition modification
  • Enlightment through objects add-on
  • Conversion to another output format (ex : to suit a new printer, to AFP, PS or PDF format)


ScopConvert Schema

Scheduling engine

ScopConvert work hand in hand with a scheduling engine : ScopIOM. This tool, belonging to the "Input & Output Management" category, allows a simple, fast and secure management of your real-time tasks.

Here are the key functions of this engine : scheduling, planning, spool and printers managing, monitoring, access control, pilotage via workflow, auto-purge, group management.

Key features: 
Work hand in hand with a scheduling engine
Normalization in an internal format
Conversion to another output format
Transform, enrich & optimize your document
Enlightment through objects add-on
Document composition modification
Allotment & regroupment (France only)
Unusable content deletion

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