Conversion & enlightment solution

ScopConvert™ module is a solution which allows to take existing documentary data flows previously composed by any market composition tool.

ScopConvert™ takes documents from various protocols (AFP, PCL, PDF, Metacode, …) and normalize them in an internal format. Once normalized, the documents can be processed for various modification operations :

  • Unusable content deletion
  • Composition modification
  • Enlightment through objects add-on
  • Conversion to another output format (ex : to suit a new printer, to AFP, PS or PDF format)


ScopConvert Schema

Scheduling engine

ScopConvert™ work hand in hand with a scheduling engine : ScopIOM™. This tool, belonging to the "Input & Output Management" category, allows a simple, fast and secure management of your real-time tasks.

Here are the key functions of this engine : scheduling, planning, spool and printers managing, monitoring, access control, pilotage via workflow, auto-purge, group management.

Key features: 
Work hand in hand with a scheduling engine
Normalization in an internal format
Conversion to another output format
Transform, enrich & optimize your document
Enlightment through objects add-on
Document composition modification
Allotment & regroupment (France only)
Unusable content deletion

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