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Professional document composition tool

ScopDesign™ is a universal document composition and delivery tool providing a complete solution for the life cycle of your documents. Documents can be quickly composed, customised and merged with data regardless of where the data originated.

User friendly GUI

All tasks and processes are managed through a highly configurable and customisable GUI that can be accessed through a web browser and includes support for mobile devices. With ScopDesign™ your complete document workflow gets a helping hand and lets you concentrate on your work.

Built-in print scheduler and document flow management

As well as composition, ScopDesign™ incorporates a print scheduler with built-in print flow, spool and printer management tools. Electronic document delivery is no problem with ScopDesign™ as the product supports numerous electronic delivery options.

ScopDesign™ can be used as a standalone product or in a bundle with other MPI Tech modules to build the right solution for your organisation. Contact your local sales team to discuss your requirement further.

Key features: 
Output management
Print flow management
Apply images, forms and overlays
Workflow optimisation
Interactive document composition

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