Simple & easy to use printing connectivity solutions

Global printer connectivity that cares for all your output

The ScopHardware™ Suite from MPI Tech delivers printer connectivity that handles all company printing. Our solutions tie servers, output and printers into one global document output solution.

Scop Hardware transforms IPDS, SCS and DCA output from IBM host server applications to common office printer output formats PostScript, PCL and matrix thus allowing host print on office printers.

World leading specialist knowledge

MPI Tech IBM printing and transforms solutions have been world leading since the 1980’s. MPI Tech hardware connectivity solutions development builds on MPI Tech’s long term specialist knowledge about IBM printing solutions; software and hardware.

For more than 30 years, our in-house teams of engineers have developed printing connectivity platforms using our own software, creating simple plug and play solutions, enabling easy IPDS, SCS/DCA or IGP printing without the need for dedicated printers.

Scop Hardware suite

LinkCom and BlueKit for IPDS printing

The LinkCom series for laser and matrix printers and the BlueKit USB dongle for HP printers are the two best-sellers among our IPDS conversion hardware solutions.

Wireless Bluetooth® printing

The Bluetooth® Printer Adapter offers wireless connectivity for smartphone or tablet printing on your office printers or for mobile employees.

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