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Digitalize, archive, retrieve and share documents and statements

Document archiving and indexing automation

ScopMaster is a powerful document archiving and document retrieval solution that helps an organisation manage, route and store electronic documents giving complete governance to all electronic documents. 

All your documents where and when you need them

All phases of the document management and archiving process are managed through ScopMaster without compromising confidentiality or security.

Automatic routing to the archiving destination is enabled through indexing of files from any application. The indexing makes it easy for users to search through copious amounts of data, quickly finding the relevant files, safe in the knowledge that the integrity of the documents has been maintained. ScopMaster improves response times, reduces errors and costs while enabling a better client/customers experience.

User rights for optimised confidentiality settings

ScopMaster includes a multitude of user rights management making it possible to have complete control over what users are able to access, view, edit, print and distribute. ScopMaster’s easy to use GUI is accessed via any web browser.

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ScopMaster can be used as a standalone product or with any of the other Scop modules to build the right solution for your organisation. Contact your local sales team to discuss your requirement further.

Key features: 
User rights management
Index documents for better and faster search
Optimise paper consumption by 40%
Free yourself from paper!
Electronic document archiving
Documents are always available
Quick search function improves service levels and productivity
Restrict download and output access
Controlled access to all files and folders with user administration

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