Optimize the management of your production printing and large volume output needs.

MPI Tech solutions handle multiple input and output formats in one solution and are customized to suit the needs of high speed and high volume printing facilities. 

Large volume printing made easy

In-house print room managers are in charge of all sorts of printing and finishing devices ranging from high speed office printers to large continuous feed printers to match the varying printing needs.

High volume printing

The big monthly mailing of statements to customers (+1.000.000 pages) are printed on large continuous feed printers, enveloped and stamped before they are picked up by the mail services.

The print room manager in charge of in-house or outsourced production printing need not worry about errors, because thanks to the Spool2Print solution they can manage all production print and high speed print jobs. 

  • Start, stop and restart print jobs at specific pages
  • Preview pages to make sure a print job starts at the right place
  • Never miss a page or print the same statement twice.

The solution can also convert the input into the required output formats, index and split the print job.

Key features: 
Bi-directional communication with printer providing full error recovery
Converts AFP, AFPDS, IPDS, SCS data stream to PCL, PostScript, PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, BMP, PPML
Friendly GUI to configure and monitor printer activity
Approve or reject spool files before printing
Online retrieval system and powerful converting system for AFP files