Distributing millions of print jobs

AFP Conversion Module generates millions of electronic statements to Danish bank customers.

Originally customer-facing output was generated using AFP, spooled and delivered to an external print service facility handling the print process, enveloping and delivery to the post office.

Denmark has a nationally available secure electronic mailbox system called e-Boks. The bank decided that minimum 90% of all customer communications should eventually be delivered via e-Boks. This would reduce costs and physical handling, and ensure secure delivery of sensitive personal documents. It was of the utmost importance to the bank that the solution chosen would be rugged, stable and capable of handling the huge amount of print jobs (especially around year-end runs) within a very limited time frame. Many of these jobs are time critical and must reach the recipient customer or local bank branch within a defined time/date.

Security is crucial for every bank, and the solution must ensure that documents are submitted to the correct recipient.

To achieve this goal, AFP Conversion Module (ACM) from the MPI Tech Mainframe output suite has been deployed and is handling the requirement for PDF generation within the bank and across the network of branches and cooperating banks in the Nordic countries. ACM is meeting all the requirements stipulated by the project team, converting the AFP print jobs into PDF, and splitting the output according to each recipient. The individual PDF documents are then placed into each recipient’s e-Boks mail folder. The customer reads the PDF document and can choose whether or not to print it.

Significant time and cost can be saved by sending the output electronically, printing costs are carried by the customer, postage is saved and delivery only  takes seconds. Furthermore colour output can be introduced with no additional costs to the bank.

The return on investment in ACM was achieved within a few months and is continuing to deliver substantial time, security and cost benefits.