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Product datasheets

All MPI Tech product datasheets can be downloaded as PDF via the links below. Go to the solution pages for mote details.

Solution Download A4 Download US letter
AFP Conversion module
AFP to PDF conversion on z/OS and z/VM
AFP Conversion Module (198.64 KB) AFP Conversion Module (194.96 KB)
AFP Fast Parser
High speed AFP to PDF converter on distributed servers
AFP Fast Parser (220.14 KB) AFP Fast Parser (216.37 KB)
IPDS Blue Kit
Plug-in IBM AFP/IPDS emulation module for HP LaserJet printers
BlueKit IPDS for HP (245.81 KB) BlueKit IPDS for HP (240.17 KB)
Blue Server AFP & IPDS printing
AFP, IPDS and SCS conversion, printing and distribution of distributed servers
Blue Server (193.14 KB) Blue Server (189.36 KB)
Bluetooth Printer Adapter
Wireless Bluetooth printing in the office and on the go
Bluetooth Printer Adapter (361.99 KB) Bluetooth Printer Adapter (349.92 KB)
DocOut IPDS printing
The server based alternative to IBM host printing converts IPDS to PCL and PostScript
DocOut IPDS printing (149.61 KB) DocOut IPDS printing (146.09 KB)
EasyCom III
Connect laser printers to LAN printing
EasyCom III IPDS Matrix (210.31 KB) EasyCom III IPDS Matrix (207.84 KB)
Enterprise Print Manager
All-in-one z/OS® Mainframe AFP printing and conversion solution
Enterprise Print Manager (190.52 KB) Enterprise Print Manager (184.88 KB)
Turn your HP LaserJet into an IGP® Printer
IGP Kit (528.83 KB) IGP Kit (525.15 KB)
LinkCom IV - IBM host printing
Easy connection of laser printers for IBM IPDS, SCS and DCA print
LinkCom IV (210.89 KB) LinkCom IV (206.98 KB)
LinkCom 5 - IBM Host printing
Flexible IBM Mainframe, System i and office print on office printers and MFPs
LinkCom 5 (263.53 KB) LinkCom 5 (257.43 KB)
Parser for Web - AFP viewing on demand
Search, view, retrieve, convert, save and validate AFP files through reliable, rapid and secure browser access
Parser for Web (422.74 KB) Parser for Web (202.71 KB)
Print2Monitor - efficient printer fleet management
An easy solution to manage all printers and MFPs within the organisation
Print2Monitor (1.1 MB) Print2Monitor (1.1 MB)
Print Sampler - electronic document and template management
Rationalise printing and reduce costs with electronic templates, print file indexing and job splitting
Print Sampler (538.14 KB) Print Sampler (530.67 KB)
Print SubSystem - AFP conversion
AFP printing and AFP2PDF conversion for z/OS® and z/VM®
Print SubSystem (278.45 KB) Print SubSystem (276.4 KB)
Document creation, optimised publishing chain and improved business communication
ScopDesign (928.68 KB) ScopDesign (892.22 KB)
ScopHybrid - Hybrid Mail solution
Mail solutions cut costs, save time and increase productivity
ScopHybrid Mail (553.02 KB) ScopHybrid Mail (548.4 KB)
Scheduling engine and management tool for print stream, spools and printers
ScopIOM (445.1 KB) ScopIOM (439.25 KB)
ScopMaster - Archiving Solutions
Digitalize, archive, retrieve and share documents and statements
ScopMaster (401.24 KB) ScopMaster (396.93 KB)
Spool2Print - Professional print room management
Gain control of your production print operation
Spool2Print (170.56 KB) Spool2Print (164.44 KB)


Legacy solutions

HostCom IV
Print IBM IPDS, SCS and DCA output directly on Coax and Twinax printers
HostCom IV (199.34 KB) HostCom IV (195.51 KB)
HostCom EIO
Connect your Hewlett-Packard Laser printers to IBM systems
HostCom EIO (565.35 KB) HostCom EIO (561.68 KB)
Connect your dedicated IBM Coax/Twinax printers to LAN print environments
LANBrick IV (198.73 KB) LanBrick IV (194.68 KB)
LinkCom III S
IBM IPDS, SCS and DCA printing to networked laser printers
LinkCom III S (251.97 KB) LinkCom III S (245.72 KB)
Internal IBM AFP/IPDS and SCS/DCA Card for HP LaserJet Printers
LinkCom III S EIO (160.85 KB)  
LinkCom III
Connect industry standard laser and matrix printers to IBM systems
LinkCom III (201.59 KB) LinkCom III (197.75 KB)