2018 MPI Tech Mainframe Suite release

We are pleased to announce the official release of the 2018 edition of the MPI Tech Mainframe Suite.

The MPI Tech Mainframe Suite is a set of document output solutions running on the mainframe delivering transforms and multi-channel and multiple format output from your mainframe applications. The MPI Tech Mainframe Suite helps you integrate your mainframe output into office document environments with printing to office printers, printing via secure printing solutions or sending output to digital archiving solutions.

The Mainframe Suite consist of these modules:

All solutions have been tested and verified with IBM’s 2017 z/OS version 2.3 release.

News and corrections

This release contains several new features and corrections.

The major new features are:

  • Improved support for outline fonts on PCL printers
  • Optimised CMYK to RGB conversion
  • Insert PDF files in object containers in AFP
  • Support for integrating host output with secure print solutions as it forwards document and user information with the output.

Consult the release notes for more details about new features and corrections.

Maintenance and support

The new versions will replace the versions released in 2015. 

MPI Tech will maintain support and warranty service for customers holding valid maintenance until end of March 2019. From October 2018 all error corrections will be performed on the 2018 release versions and will be offered to customers, holding maintenance, for any corrective action.

Current users holding a valid maintenance contract will be offered a free upgrade to the 2018 versions with similar options. The 2018 release can be installed ‘on top’ of the already running installation hereby maintaining existing printer definitions and configuration. Upgrades to the new version will not require a new license key for the installation.