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Mail management solutions - birmingham city council

Create and Send Mail From Your Workstation, Without Moving

Find out how Birmingham City Council employees were able to cope with the health crisis and work from home, while optimizing their time spent on mail completion, all while making sustainable savings.

Use case: re-engineering document processes

Redesign of the Publication Chain: Optimization of Document Workflows

Learn more about putting in place a solution for workflow management & printing for a company who needs to manage 80 0000 editing jobs each day!

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Document printing solutions - cerballiance

Automation of the Mailing of Medical Documents From Laboratories

Discover the solution to facilitate very time-consuming and costly manual local printing operations, optimized postage rates, and treatment of mail requiring collection and/or essential staff mobilization – thanks to ScopHybrid™.

Use case for mainframe conversion

Recovery of Mainframe Files and Provision to Users

Learn more about the implementation of a document flow management solution consisting of a tool for viewing and making available PDF documents associated with an IPDS / PDF converter.

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“In addition to the undeniable time savings in mail management, we also appreciated the ergonomics and flexibility of the tool…”

– Jean-François LONGWAH –

Operations manager of Cerballiance Normandie

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