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Improve Customer Satisfaction, Harmonize, and Professionalize Documents

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Complete Document and Communications Management

The banking world has evolved considerably over the last 10 years. New tech-savvy millennium users, recent technologies, and ever-higher customer expectations have prompted this sector to change rapidly. The recent health crisis has also reinforced these aspects by encouraging banking players to be as close as possible to their customers… even at a distance.

The banking sector is also one of the most equipped with mainframes and is one of the leading producers of documents in the AFPDS and AFP/IPDS environments. 

A global response to all user’s needs

All banking institutions say that the transformation of their information systems is a priority to remain competitive. (Study on digital transformation in the French banking sector 2022 – ACPR). Many players still need to upgrade their mainframe IT systems and need tools to manage their document data streams. 

To be part of the evolution of these practices for either internal or customer-facing documents, MPI Tech solutions offer a global response to all of these needs.

We help with the digitization of documents and the reduction of printing costs through better structuring of the processes, easy access to documents, and flexible management of communication modes.

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The implementation of MPI Tech’s solutions allowed a large international financial institution to drastically reduce its MIPS consumption on z/OS and to install a global secure printing solution for all employees and for all printing, including mainframes.

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Solutions to Help on a Daily Basis

What Are the Advantages of Our Solutions?


MPI Tech’s solutions support workflows from mainframes, iSeries, IBM Power Systems, and other information systems. Whether any infrastructure is new or old, there is a solution to manage documents and workflows.


Flexibility & Agility

With its omnichannel and digital-first approach, MPI Tech‘s solutions accompany companies and their customers from paper to digital. Step by step. Flexible and scalable, our solutions adapt to all needs and volumes


Tracking & Tracing

For communications, prioritize physical mail versus email! With an opening rate of more than 70%, personally addressed advertising mail is a must. With our composition, tracking, and tracing solutions, your communications will be impactful and effective.

Optimize Budgets

The processes of postal massification, centralization, and intelligent distribution of documents offer considerable possibilities in terms of reducing mailing costs. The scheduling and performances of the solutions enable the processing of large volumes of documents.

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Banks are interested in improving customer experience and satisfaction as well as optimizing the banking value chain, optimizing internal processes, and reducing costs through task prioritization, and workflow management…

Digital Transformation in the Banking Sector – ACPR 2022

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Discover without delay MPI Tech solutions to help improve and manage processes and orchestrate data production.


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