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A Look at Customer Service

Success Story – UK Insurance Company Optimizes Customer Support and Reduces Costs

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Digitized Insurance Policies

A British insurance company wanted to send its customers scanned insurance policies in PDF format, while maintaining the ability to print them, reducing mailing costs and speeding up their delivery to customers.

“The return on investment was achieved in a matter of months and the solution continues to generate substantial savings.”

AFP conversion for insurance policies

Proposed Solution

The chosen software: AFP Conversion Module (ACM) from MPI Tech. The solution in place runs many applications using ACM several times a day.

ACM converts the files it receives into PDFs broken down into sub-files whenever the policy number changes.

With ACM processing is very quick, customers receive their insurance policy immediately after purchasing it.

The encryption of the documents, which prevents unauthorized access, has added an extra incentive for customers to switch from paper to PDF scanning.

File Conversion

Quick Installation

File Encryption