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ScopHardware™ Solutions

Simple and Easy Connectivity Solutions for Printers and/or Printing Needs

Hardware Solutions

Discover Our Global Printer Connectivity Solutions for All Output Needs

Our hardware conversion modules are quick and efficient solutions to make printers AFP&IPDS compatible.

BlueKit converter for HP printers


Native IPDS Conversion Module for HP LaserJet Printers

LinkCom - IPDS box

LinkCom 5™

IPDS Conversion Module for Laser and Matrix Printers

IGP-Kit for HP


A Plug-in IGP® Emulator for HP LaserJet Printer Family

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Mainframe / System z application printing has been our specialty for over 40 years. Our BlueKit module is certified “HP Tested and Certified Solution” guaranteeing maximum quality level.

Scop Hardware
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Universal Connectivity For All Print Jobs

The Scop Hardware Suite from MPI Tech offers connectivity to manage all types of printing, whether office or professional. These products make it possible to connect servers and printers within a single global printing solution.

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