Customer Communications Management (CCM) & Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions

From Data Management to Mail Management

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Customer Communication Management

Centralize, Enhance, Energize, and Improve Your Brand With Controlled Communication


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Document Management - ECM

Harmonize Document Management Within A Company!

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Mail Management

Create, Embellish, Attach, Validate, Manage Postage, and Track… All Letters!

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Document Creation

Convert, Compose, Format, Print, and Optimize Postage… for All Documents!

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AFP / IPDS Environment

Convert, Secure, and
Print on Demand!

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Securing Documents

Validate, Initial, Sign, and Electronically Sign… Documents!

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Customer Communication Management:

From Desktop Publishing to Digitization

Communication management is still very often heterogeneous in companies. Employees use multiple software programs (business, office, professional, internal, and external) and documents alternate between paper and electronic formats depending on the process. These multiple manipulations inevitably lead to errors, a lack of follow-up, and above all a great waste of time.

If like 59% of companies, you are able to switch to 100% digital, the use of a global solution for your customer communications becomes essential. (source: Archimag)

MPI Tech’s solutions address each theme to provide concrete answers to daily problems