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Commitment, Quality, Responsibility, Skills Enhancement: Training Courses to Gain Complete Control of Our Software.

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Quality Professional Training Courses

Our company offers a full range of training courses whose goal is to provide an excellent knowledge of our software as well as a good level of operational experience.

Personalized and progressive, the training programs take systématically into account the qualification of the trainees at the time they start the courses.

Our Commitment to Quality

With the aim of offering training programs perfectly aligned with the needs of the client and the trainees, and striving for continuous improvement in our training approach, our trainers commit to:

  • Adapt their training to the people present
  • Respect the trainees in their learning and accompany them to success
  • Take into account the real use that will be made of the software to bring them to a daily excellence
  • Constantly update their knowledge to offer ever more effective training
  • Create a climate of trust and respect where everyone can express their needs and feelings
Suitable professional training courses
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Training Program

The increase in skills with the objective of mastery and autonomy with our solutions is done through training courses.

Each of these training courses is adapted to the needs of the learners and the sponsor. The objectives are determined upstream and evaluated downstream with a summary of the results and a report to the sponsor.

The training courses respect a precise framework of evaluation of the acquired knowledge during the training and are validated by a final evaluation that attests to the success of the learners.

The Adaptability of Our Training Courses

The training of users takes place after the installation of the solutions or during its deployment phase.

In conjunction with the project team, the trainer receives all the technical and functional elements deployed prior to the training. Thus, the trainer is able to adapt his training program to the needs of the learners according to the specificity implemented in their company.

Endowed with excellent technical skills, he can also answer questions on specific issues and be very proactive.

Professional software training

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