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Public and Private Hospitals Generate Large Volumes of Paper Mail.

Hospital administrators are major producers of documents and mail.  Appointments, referrals, results, and invoicing are typically created individually in large volumes by many administrators.

Patient correspondence is private and confidential and has special information governance controls in the creation, printing, and delivery.  That individual mail items manually printed enveloped and franked can lead to mistakes and high costs.

The management of fragmented mail then becomes crucial and must be associated with the global management of output communications.

Adopting a solution for creating and sending mailings for healthcare institutions means freeing yourself from the various daily tasks of managing mail (medical or administrative) but also freeing yourself from technical constraints (printing, inserting, and stamping).
The result: mail at the best possible postal rate!

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What Are the Advantages of Our Solutions?

Global Document Management

From mail handling to data hosting in a secure archiving system, our global offer covers all your needs.

Create a Letter Easily

Relieve your administrative teams with a solution for creating and sending individual letters, simple and effective, it will save your different departments precious time.

Reduce your costs

With such high volumes of production, the printing process with the addition of postal sortation to meet Post Office rules postal cost reductions greater than 25% are achieved per envelope.


MPI Tech software manages the anonymization of the most sensitive documents. You can transmit interdepartmental documents while maintaining the patient’s anonymity.

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Choosing a solution for managing separated mail means reducing the cost of each envelope by 25%.

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