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Portal for Sending Documents in One Click!

Sending voluminous documents is often a constraint for many companies. Between the various possible errors and the difficulty of choosing a high-performance tool within everyone’s reach, this step quickly becomes complicated.

ScopSubmit simplifies the daily life of companies and printing service providers by avoiding the use of third-party software that is often complex and also facilitates access to business software for conversion, composition, or other.

ScopSubmit provides a clear and easy-to-use interface allowing users to upload their files for sending (to a service provider, a client, or another) or for processing (send a large mail merge PDF file, and it’s returned cut into separate items or printed).


Key Functions: ScopSubmit

Several Sending Modes

Several sending modes are available for sending your files, manually sending by connecting to the interface, or using the ScopSubmit virtual printer. This last mode makes ScopSubmit compatible with all your office automation tools for document production.



When a user sends a file, a validation function can be set up, requiring the intervention of another user. In this way, the file can be put on hold for a third-party action. 


Sending or Processing?

When the user sends a file, validation functionality can be set up, requiring the intervention of another user. Thus the file can be held waiting for a third-party action


Supervision Module

From the simple sending of a file to a recipient to a processing request (conversion, composition, or other), ScopSubmit adapts to your file management issues.

A GDPR-compliant transfer solution for sensitive documents.

  • Authenticated login.
  • Secure
  • Fully audit-able
Scopsubmit features

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Discover the Features of ScopSubmit

  • Complete solution for sending large files.
  • Automated Post processing applies after transfer.
  • Validation function
  • User Dashboard
  • Administrator dashboard
  • Job progression monitoring
  • Single sign-on AD authentication
  • API connection
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The use of ScopSubmit reduces the time of sending a document
(+ of 80%)

Benefits scopsubmit

ScopSubmit: Benefits

A Single Interface for Shipments & Processing

ScopSubmit facilitates the sending of files through a unique interface. An entry point system accompanies the user filing process and reduces the risk of errors.

Save Time

ScopSubmit allows users to save time in the deposit of files by avoiding complex tasks of connecting to a remote often unsecured space, an FTP, a hot-folder, etc.  Authenticated users send and receive files error-free ScopSubmit is a secure and fully audited solution.


Global Follow-up of Requests

ScopSubmit provides a clear interface and concise dashboards for global tracking of requests. The solution can also be used to track the progress of requests within a decision-making or production process.

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