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Management of Spooling and Printing in Production Environments

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Optimize Print Management in Production Environments

Spool2Print is a very powerful Spooler, an Enterprise Output Solution designed to simplify, print, monitor, customize, archive, and distribute mission-critical applications capable for instance driving the fastest IPDS printers on the market.

Spool2Print is a premium solution for print rooms giving print operators end-to-end control over the printing process. It is ideal for handling large print jobs through its monitoring tools and error recovery features with which the user can preview, start, and stop jobs on specified pages. 

Key Functions: Spool2Print

Conversions (AFP to IPDS, AFP to PDF, PDF to AFP, AFP to PCL, PostScript, BMP, TIFF…) - Indexation - Archiving

Spool2Print controls and prints AFPDS or line mode data or IPDSPCL, PDF, and PostScript monochrome or full-color jobs.

AFPDS or line mode streams can also be converted (AFP to IPDS, AFP to PDF, PDF to AFP, AFP to PCL/PS/ TIFF/BMP) and sliced into other formats such as PDF or image formats (BMP, TIFF, jpeg, png …), with a processing speed that can exceed 10,000 ppm, for e-mailing, archiving and making available on the Internet.

AFP documents can be split using TLE (Tag Logical Element), renamed, and an index file created for integration into databases.


Printing and Spooling Management

Spool2print also handles, without transformation, PCL, PostScript, or PDF input streams that can be redirected to printers supporting these types of streams. PDF streams can be converted to PostScript (PDF to PostScript).

Its intuitive interface makes it easy to manage all jobs that can be printed, duplicated, interrupted, rerouted, or stored to be re-printed later in whole or in part.


Would you like to discover all Spool2Print’s features?

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Discover the Functionalities of Spool2Print

  • Accounting Reports and Statistics
  • AFP full-color
  • AFP to IPDS, AFP to PDF, PDF to AFP conversions
  • Centralized input/output control
  • Compliance with company policy and legislation
  • Controlled access to all files and folders
  • Output distribution
  • Graphical interface
  • Support for high-speed laser and inkjet printers
  • Job ticketing
  • Remote management
  • Support for multiple data formats
  • Multiple OS support (Windows, Linux, AIX…)
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The management of spools and prints allows optimizing every data stream in a company. This saves time and reduces costs.

Benefits of Spool2Print

Spool2Print: Benefits

Control of Printers

Spool2Print is a spooling and printing management software, particularly adapted to production environments with high-speed printers, or to the distribution of data streams on printers of a network.

Easy to Use

With the supervision and preview features, operators can better manage large jobs and optimize their production.

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