Management of Spooling and Printing in Production Environments

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Optimize Output Management in Production Print Environments

Spool2Print is an Enterprise Output Solution designed to simplify, print, monitor, customize, archive, and distribute mission-critical documents.

Spool2Print is a premium solution for print rooms giving print operators end-to-end control over the printing process. It is ideal for handling large print jobs through its monitoring tools and error recovery features with which the user can preview, start, and stop jobs on specified pages. 

Key Functions: Spool2Print

Printing and Spooling Management

Spool2Print can receive print jobs from multiple platforms and ERP systems.

Based on the type of data received (AFP, PCL, PS, PDF…) Spool2Print can automate print routine and convert the data to drive any specific printer

Its intuitive interface makes it easy to manage all jobs that can be printed, duplicated, interrupted, rerouted, or stored to be re-printed later in whole or in part.

Converting - Indexing – Pre-archiving

Spool2Print will convert the jobs received in almost any print format (AFP, IPDS, Line-mode, PCL, PostScript, PDF, etc.) to the output format required such as:

  • IPDS, PCL, and PostScript, for printing
  • PDF, TIFF, Image,(BMP, TIFF, jpeg, png …), with a processing speed exceeding 10,000 ppm, for electronic distribution, archiving and web posting.

Documents can be indexed or split based on indexing functionalities or pre-existing AFP TLE (Tag Logical Element), for integration into Archiving systems.


Print job optimization

Spool2Print will also optimize and customize the print datastream to fit your specific needs such as Printer driver incompatibility with the existing datastream, automatic unique job ticket attributes associated with specific queues, Make-Ready options for PDF jobs with a preview of final job rendering before printing.

Spool2print functionalities

Would you like to discover all Spool2Print’s features?


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Discover the Functionalities of Spool2Print

  • Accounting Reports and Statistics associated with each queue or printer
  • Convert almost any input data to any printer language
  • Manage all your input and output in one place
  • Spool2Print has an internal workflow for pre or post-processing actions associated with each type of input/output
  • Easily Interface with other existing processes
  • Centralized access to all queues, printers, and jobs.
  • Output distribution
  • Support for high-speed laser and inkjet printers
  • Direct Support for AFP printing (IPDS output)
  • User and Administrator login with access rights to all Jobs
  • Job ticketing
  • Support for multiple input protocol formats
  • Multiple versions of Spool2Print are available based on your server OS (Windows, Linux, …)
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The management of spools and prints allows optimizing every data stream in a company. This saves time and reduces costs.

Benefits of spool2print

Spool2Print: Benefits

Control of Printers

Spool2Print is a spooling and printing management software, particularly adapted to production environments with high-speed printers, or to the distribution of data streams on printers of a network.

Easy to Use

With the supervision and preview features, operators can better manage large jobs and optimize their production.

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