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Maintenance & TPMA? A Daily Service

The maintenance of software is a pillar of the services provided by our teams. In order to protect the investment, and guarantee the durability of the software as well as its proper functioning, we remain available all year round.

The various fields of intervention relate to functional maintenance,  taking into account anomalies, assistance, and implementation of the resolution of any faults.

With near-global coverage, our teams are nearby and will respond rapidly and accurately to any issues that may arise.

Maintenance: the peace-of-mind solution

All customers can benefit, at the time of purchase,  from the assistance defined in a maintenance contract. This contract defines the scope of intervention of the technical teams to ensure the functional maintenance of the solutions in place.  Reporting a malfunction can be made using the telephone hotline as well as the ticketing tool. Analyzed by the teams, the anomalies are treated according to seriousness and emergency. This escalation process allows a rapid treatment of the most serious cases (e.g.: software malfunction leading to a stop of production). For a more global intervention,  we offer our Third Party Application Maintenance (TPMA).

Maintenance and technical support
Third-party application maintenance

TPMA” What is it?

More than a simple maintenance service, third-party application maintenance or TPAM is an essential service offering to guarantee an optimal level of operating quality.

Is the software no longer responding? Is it difficult to identify the reason? Is it the solution itself? A particular data stream? A process? A bad action by a user? Or is it your infrastructure going off the rails?

The TPMA services offer the proper functioning of your, solutions.

On-Site or Remote?

Remote Tools

Rapid response to a customer’s needs can be achieved through remote access tools, in open or closed environments. The technical teams will adapt to your security requirements (controlled environment, access through a VPN…). 

Access to Updates

The R&D teams work on new versions throughout the year. As part of the maintenance contract, you have the right to benefit from version upgrades including special rates for additional features. This work is done in close collaboration with the client’s IT teams and through a changeover plan studied in advance.

On-site Intervention

Are your IT environments highly controlled? Your data is very sensitive? Or you simply do not want an external intervention to be possible? Our teams can intervene on-site by defining in advance and jointly one or more days on-site.

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