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Each software enables the exploration of new aspects of document creation and delivery. From basic document creation to more advanced solutions, every business requirement will find its solution.



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The processes of creating and sending mail in a company can occupy an employee for 1/4 of their work time, depending on their position.

Typically some structures entrust the tasks of printing, enveloping and manual franking to administrative employees who occupy a large part of their working time for these tasks.

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Create & Send Documents Quickly While Reducing Costs

The creation of documents is a long and often complex process. A set of criteria and obligations must be defined and adhered to. Very often, in a professional context, it becomes essential to use business solutions to meet these needs.

The use of these solutions allows for standardized communications, simplifies the daily life of employees, and improves their productivity by enabling them to focus on more productive tasks. In fact, harmonizing a body of documents, both in terms of format and content (legal, terms and conditions, footer, etc.), is very time-consuming.

Discover how MPI Tech’s software intervenes at each stage of document creation.

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