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Enterprise Document Workflow Automation

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ScopIOM: Control Data Stream Input/Output Processes

ScopIOM is a powerful flexible document and print management tool that enables the complete control and configuration of all print input/output functions.

ScopIOM combines the features of a highly configurable batch engine, a print spooler, and a print manager, to deliver a seamless cost-saving workflow to the data production line.

With ScopIOM, professionalize business activity through timely delivery of customer communications that meet the needs of clients and colleagues. The solution handles business workflows from any information system to delivery, by tracking, converting, composing, indexing, and optimizing documents, transforming raw data into impactful messages!

Key Functions: ScopIOM

Centralized Document Workflow Management

ScopIOM centralizes all documents intended for printing or electronic delivery. The solution’s engine allows it to handle multiple simultaneous jobs and processes.


Providing Oversight and Transparency

ScopIOM allows organizations to have a complete and accurate overview of every aspect of the document process and control how these documents are delivered with traceability at every stage.


Explore Our Product Range

ScopIOM™ can be used as a standalone product. However, it really shows its strength when it is used at the core of several of our solutions connecting and scheduling processes and modules that in combination build the right solution for your organization. Contact MPI Tech‘s local sales team to further discuss all requirements.


Send Out Digital Data Streams

ScopIOM also manages any digital sending to electronic destinations such as the electronic document management solution ScopMaster+, an electronic archiving system, an electronic safe, through secure validation technologies, or electronic registered letters. A set of connectors is available to connect all information systems to these storage locations or to these secure delivery methods.

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Discover the Functionalities of ScopIOM

  • Print spooling and scheduling
  • Print workflow management
  • Batch engine printing
  • Multi-Channel distribution
  • Simplified printer management
  • Easy management and access through a web interface
  • Stable and reliable document processing
  • Entirely configurable to business needs
  • API connection
  • High availability
  • Load balance
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Capable of processing millions of documents and performing hundreds of thousands of processes each year, ScopIOM equips the largest document issuers around the world

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ScopIOM: Benefits

Workflow Centralization

ScopIOM is a powerful workflow management tool to optimize and centralize print center processing. Connected to information systems and business software, ScopIOM acts as a single entry point and facilitates the all-in-one management of document workflows.

Streamline Workflows

ScopIOM brings together heterogeneous files, documents, and processes at a central point. Simple documents intended for printing or electronic data intended for archiving. The data is analyzed, indexed, and routed to the various agreed destination(s).

Perform Powerful Processing

ScopIOM connects directly to Scop Software solutions and allows users and administrators to manage all the documents generated by the platform. The solution can also act stand-alone or call on third-party business solutions (conversion, composition, connector, etc.). Each installation of the ScopIOM solution is unique, and tailor-made specifically for the business needs.

From Paper to Digital

The ScopIOM scheduling solution manages paper and electronic data. Capable of orchestrating the jobs and printers of the production center with complete autonomy, the solution can delegate tasks to manual operations by operators. ScopIOM also takes care of the company’s electronic data: electronic registered letters, electronic archiving…

ScopIOM Contributes to Enhancing the Company's Image.

ScopIOM supports businesses in enhancing their image through timely and customer-oriented communications that meet the needs of clients and employees. The solution handles the entire process from information system to delivery, by tracking, converting, composing, indexing, and optimizing documents, transforming raw data into impactful messages!



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