Plug-in IBM AFP/IPDS Emulation Module for HP LaserJet Printers

Ipds conversion
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Turn HP LaserJet Printers and MFPs into Native IPDS Printers

The IPDS BlueKit offers seamless processing of AFP/IPDS data stream on HP LaserJet printers and MFPs. The HP LaserJet will process complex AFP/IPDS jobs coming from IBM host systems e.g. IBM mainframe (zSeries), IBM midrange (iSeries, AIX), as well as, other network jobs (in PCL, PostScript or PDF format) coming from other systems ( Windows, Mac, Linux, …) automatically without any user intervention.

Key Functions & Benefits: BlueKit


Plug & Play

The BlueKit memory module connects very simply to your HP printer. When installed, the content of the BlueKit solution is automatically loaded into the HP device, which becomes “IPDS friendly” and processes IPDS as an additional native printer language. You can directly print your IPDS jobs on your printer.

HP Tested and Certified Solution

BlueKit is recommended by HP for all IPDS printing needs on HP Monochrome and Color (“LaserJet” and “PageWide”) printers or MFPs.

Optimize Budgets

By choosing the BlueKit option, you can first acquire your favorite HP LaserJet or PageWide device, at a competitive price, or even use one of your existing HP devices from a printer fleet and upgrade to IPDS ready with the associated BlueKit solution. Therefore you avoid the purchase of specific expensive IPDS printers. The return on investment is therefore very short (immediate or just a few months), depending on your printing fleet.

Bluekit benefits

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Discover the Functionalities of BlueKit

  • Allows HP printers to understand the IPDS printing language without changing your existing applications or specific drivers to install.
  • No additional hardware is required.
  • BlueKit supports all IPDS features and printer options (i.e. tray selection, simplex/duplex, color objects, stapling, hole-punch).
  • Special features available ( input or output tray mapping, add-form, edge-to-edge printing,…)

BlueKit can be connected in different environments:

    • An IBM print server (MVS, IBM System Z, IBM System i),
    • A traditional server (Windows Server, etc…)
    • IBM Infoprint Manager

By consolidating your system and office printing on your HP laser printers, you realize significant savings on your operating budgets

See the list of supported printers as of 07/06/2023

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