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Document Production

The management of document production covers all the human and material resources, as well as the processes and workflows that enable the formatting, printing, and sending of natively electronic documents to physical or electronic destinations.

For a long time poorly considered by the directors of information systems, desktop publishing had to respond to a mission of reliability and exemplary in the realization of steps with low added value. With time and the development of technologies, new functionalities, and new potentials have been developed, allowing desktop publishing solutions to be placed at the heart of the process and data stream management within the company.

From Taking Charge of Data Streams to Sending Them

Historically, the missions of desktop publishing solutions were to facilitate the handling of flows from information systems and to carry out certain intermediate steps before the final stage, which were printing, enveloping, and mailing.
The main objective was to rationalize not only printing costs, but also postage costs, and thus reduce stamp bills.

Over time, the publishing chain no longer simply follows a continuous process without intelligence, it evolves, improves, integrates external data, informs third-party systems, facilitates monitoring, provides flexibility for operators and decision-makers, feeds back information, and ensures regular reporting…

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Easy Integration

MPI Tech has a set of software solutions for formatting, printing, and sending documents, whether they are physical or electronic. Each solution brings a real added value to your document production by answering concrete problems of conversion, composition, printing, and sending of documents.


Our solutions, whether installed on servers or accessible remotely, adhere to the specifications set by information system managers. They ensure compliance with requirements such as LDAP connectivity, Kerberos, HTTPS, and segmented environments.

Great Flexibility

As your business evolves, so do your document volumes: Our solutions respect industrial processing commitments. Hundreds of thousands of pages pass through our software daily throughout the world. We work every day to adapt our solutions to your needs.

Custom Tailored

Every project is different, and the needs of the company and the stakes are crucial. Our sales and project teams are here to support all projects. By defining the objectives upstream and establishing a specification document, we commit to meeting all needs.

Rethinking the Document Production Chain


Document Production is the Main Step Symbolizing the printing and sending of documents

From a computerized state to a material state (historically paper), production is a complex stage where the contribution of business solutions is essential to guarantee a faithful and relevant result.

Specialists in desktop publishing and data stream transformation, MPI Tech offers a complete range of solutions for the management of enterprise document workflows.

The implemented architectures will allow you to manage all the documents produced by information systems. Thus, invoices, statements of account, pay slips, purchase orders, call for contributions, etc. can be received/sent to different media such as printers, faxes, e-mails, archiving tools, or availability, in a secure way.


With the Help of Elaborate Business Functionalities

Our solutions provide management and control of document processes thanks to the following functionalities:

  • Management control of input/output data streams
  • Conversion of print stream formats
  • Expertise in the management of AFP / IPDS streams
  • Distribution to various devices (local or remote)
  • Job chaining
  • Automatic or manual purging of obsolete documents
  • Spool management
  • Document enhancement and personalization
  • Management and security of user access
  • Supervision of destinations and integration of alerts
  • Cost control
  • Processing follow-up
  • Visualization of all types of documents
  • Accounting
  • Embedded user interface on the market’s leading printers
  • Increased productivity


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“Acquiring professional solutions for managing a print center optimizes productivity by a factor of 4.”


Related Software

MPI Tech has a set of software for formatting, printing, and sending documents, whether they are physical or digital. Each solution adds value to the production by answering concrete issues in transforming, creating,  sorting/grouping/allotment, printing, and sending documents.

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