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Global Management of AFPDS & AFP/IPDS Streams

Dealing with AFP & AFP/IPDS data streams is our expertise for over 40 years.

MPI Tech has developed a complete range of native emulations and transforms to address every device on the market (office or production printers)  as well as to create PDF or PDF/A files out of any Legacy or Mission Critical applications in the above-described environment.  

AFP, AFP/IPDS, and line data streams can be converted into BMP, TIFF, PCL, and PostScript, or even PDF and PDF/A when the document’s final destination is archiving or emailing.


For every Legacy Document in the AFP environment

Installed on the system itself, our Enterprise Print Manager (EPM) software controls and manages all printing generated by z/OS applications. It spools and converts AFP and Line Data to PCL, PostScript, PDF, and PDF/A.

On other platforms (Windows, AIX, Linux…) BlueServerDocOutFastParser, as well as LinkCom boxes, allow the same conversions.

We also have an internal AFP/IPDS emulation solution for HP LaserJet printers called the BlueKit USB. For other printer manufacturers, upon request, we have the technology to integrate an AFP/IPDS emulation solution, regardless of the printer’s speed (currently from 20 to 6000 ipm), monochrome or full color.

Solutions : mainframe environment

Discover the Full Potential

Of Our AFP and Line Data Conversion and Data Stream Management Solutions

Solutions for Mainframe...

Fast, flexible, and efficient, the conversion and printing functionalities in the AFP environment can address any printer fleet and create efficiently PDFs for mailing or archiving.

and IBM Power Systems

Simple and efficient management of all IBM Power Systems output on Windows, Linux, or AIX servers. MPI Tech solutions support centralized control or direct processing and routing to one or more PCL or PostScript printers. IPDS to BMP, TIFF, PCL, PostScript, and PDF conversion.

Powerful Conversion Functionality

MPI Tech’s solutions (with viewer) facilitate the conversion of data streams generated in the IBM environments while maintaining the original document quality and the print orders that come with the workflows. This makes them compatible with every printer on the market.

Multi-environment Compatibility

MPI Tech’s solutions provide a quick response to multi-environment compatibility needs: Mainframe, IBM Z, z/OS, Linux, System z, Windows, AIX…

Unlock the Potential of Your Infrastructure

Mainframe security and print management

Secure Printing

The sharing of printers encourages the implementation of cost control and document security solutions. Each user must be able to be identified, invoiced, and protected against the risk of seeing their documents end up in the “wrong hands”. MPI Tech offers several solutions to ensure the security of your documents. The solution, reliable and simple, is easily integrated within the company, whatever its size.

Print Management

Confidentiality is imperative when issuing numerous company documents that may be considered critical to the company: bank statements, financial or accounting reports, pay slips, budgets, employment contracts, and more. The mutualization of MFPs introduced within companies allows great savings in operation but induces the need for cost control and confidentiality. To manage these printings, the solutions consolidate and secure all the printing jobs, whether they come from office automation,  reprography, or systems (Mainframe or AS/400).

The pooling of MFPs introduced within companies enables significant operational cost savings, but it necessitates the need for cost control and confidentiality. To manage printouts, our solutions allow for the consolidation and security of all tasks, whether they originate from office equipment, reprographics, or hosts (Mainframe or Power Systems).

Conversion Engine

MPI Tech offers a set of Transform tools that standardize the outputs from IBM Host systems (System Z & Power Systems) and convert them to the format of choice for printing, mailing, or archiving.

Multiple platform conversions

MPI Tech has proven expertise in the area of print format transforms. The solutions can be installed on most existing operating systems.

Mainframe, IBM Z, and z/OS Conversions

Our dedicated Mainframe software suite consists of ACM (AFP Conversion Module)EPM (Enterprise Print Manager), and PSS (Print SubSystem). All of these applications run on z/OS and are capable of exporting the output stream to other platforms in a variety of digital or printable formats.

Linux and System Z conversions

DocOut converts AFP/IPDS streams from a System Z Linux partition

Conversions on Windows, Linux, and AIX,

Our  BlueServerDocOutAFP FastParser, ParserForWeb, and Spool2Print conversion solutions run on Windows, AIX, and Linux, and transform AFP and IPDS to any output format at the fastest speed on the market.

Input / Output Formats

The primary objective of the transform suite developed by MPI Tech is to convert data streams generated by  IBM  systems to more generic output formats, such as TIFF, BMP, PDF for digital processing, or PCL or PostScript for printing. However, the flexibility of our solutions allows us to transform a large number of formats:

  • AFP – Advanced Function Presentation
  • AFPDS – Offline mode
  • AFP/IPDS – Online mode – Intelligent Printing Data Stream
  • PDF – Portable Document Format and PDF/A
  • PostScript
  • PCL
  • ICDS
  • Metacode
  • Image (TIFF, BMP…)
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For 40 years, MPI Tech has developed advanced expertise in the IBM environment

Related Solutions

Besides the Mainframe software, MPI offers also a set of ultra-high performance transforms on various operating systems (Windows, Solaris, Linux…) capable of getting the format of choice for printing and archiving.



Solution to Convert and Print AFP, IPDS, and SCS Files From Central Locations. 

Fast parser


Solution for Web-based Document Archiving and Delivery Systems



Spool and Print Management Solution (Adapted to Production Environments)

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