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Print SubSystem™ (PSS)

Mainframe Solution for z/OS® and z/VM® Systems
AFP Printing & AFP to PDF Conversion

Print subsystem (pss) afp to pdf
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AFP Spool Conversion to Multiple Output Formats (AFP to PCL, AFP to PostScript, AFP to PDF)

Print SubSystem (PSS) is a centralized software solution for managing production printers and print jobs originating from Mainframes z/OS® and z/VM® systems.

The PSS solution is based on IBM’s AFP architecture. It receives and converts Line Data, AFP, and XML streams into ICDS (MPI Tech’s proprietary format), PCL, PostScript, and PDF.

PSS also offers web distribution features for documents originating from application systems.

Key Functions: Print SubSystem

Integration of Web Applications and Archiving.

The Print SubSystem (PSS) solution enables the generation of PDF files from the Host for visualization, email distribution, and archiving purposes.


Printing of AFP Documents on Office Printers.

With the PSS solution, office printers can seamlessly be used for printing from the central host-based system applications without modifying either applications or printers. Utilizing the same AFP resources as IBM’s PSF (Print Services Facility), the PSS solution converts and prints AFP documents composed of electronic page overlays, graphics, and color images on any type of printer connected to your office network.


Ready for AFP/Archive, AFP/A ISO Standard

Thanks to recent developments, the PSS solution is able to support the AFP/Archive (AFP/A) standard.

Key functions print subsystem

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Explore the Features of PSS

  • Compatible with all z/VM® versions
  • Compatible with all z/OS® versions
  • Support for vector fonts
  • Possibility of outputs: PCL and PostScript, PDF and PDF/A outputs, PDF or Email output
  • Compatible with the AFP/Archive (AFP/A) ISO standard
  • Conversions of AFP, XML, and Line Data
  • CP Spool printing
  • Support for IPV6
  • Support for JES and CA Spool
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Incorporate MainframeOutput Into a Secure Printing Solution With Print SubSystem

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