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Massification and Optimization of Postal Costs

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Print Service Provider: the Solution to Postal Problems

With the growing increase in structural and postal costs, the printing service activity takes on its full meaning in the postal ecosystem. To keep pace with these regulatory changes and to adapt its activity to the different postal commercial offers, MPI Tech’s solutions provide a set of solutions to support any print service provider.

Our objective is to provide flexible and efficient business solutions for creating and sending documents. For the print service provider, our professional solutions for managing print workflows in a production environment accompany them on a daily basis.

Scop Software Suite™ provides a set of solutions and tools tailored to the printing, mailing, and postage business. With Scop Software, print providers can provide access for each of their customers. The latter is to access one or more solutions completely dedicated. From simple document submission in an online interface to elaborate document formatting steps, each customer can receive personalized installation and support.

For the printing service provider, the scheduling, production management, print queue monitoring, and traceability tools, as well as the reporting tool, are the assurance of controlled production and the guarantee to respond to all customers’ problems.

Print center optimization solutions
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“According to the Observatoire du Courrier et du Colis 2022 in France, revenues associated with the postal business are rising sharply: +7.8% in one year in 2021”
Source: ARCEP 2022

Print Service Providers

What Are the Advantages of Our Solutions?

Reliable Platform

The Scop Software Suite™ platform is accessible 24/7. Installable on the company’s servers or in SaaS, in the latter case, we make every effort to ensure the availability and guarantee of data.

Availability and Reactivity

Our technical and support service assists in the implementation of the platform and supports our users on a daily basis in adding new customers and managing their flows.

A Complementary Approach

The combination of a powerful software platform and the knowledge of the print service provider creates a sustainable and secure global offer for customers.


Attentive to Customers' Needs

Are the company’s printers changing? Need to sign a high-volume customer? Expanding a product range? Our teams are available to support all these areas.

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With the evolution of the cost of stamps, professionalizing the printing process allows us to offer our customers competitive rates that are 20 to 30% lower than public prices. 

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Looking for a solution to manage a company’s print center? Or software to manage the entire production activity? Or offering competitive postal rates to customers?

If all these questions concern your business, find out more about our solutions to help optimize printing and postage costs.



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