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Information Dataflow Must be Omnichannel and Immediate

In the industrial and logistics sectors, the circulation of information is essential. Confronted with the issues associated with control of multiple sites located in several cities or even several countries; industrial and logistic players put document management and customer relations at the heart of their strategy. In these industries, reactivity, immediacy, availability, and traceability of information are essential.

Reliable, high-performance software solutions support the requirements of these large groups by offering long-term solutions to large-scale document management issues.

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Working with MPI Tech means working with a team that delivers on its commitment to the project. It is also their ability to always find solutions to our issues.

Pascal Lemonnier, IT Project Leader &  Product Manager


Solutions to Help Users on a Daily Basis

What Are the Advantages of Our Solutions?



On-site or remote, our solutions are always accessible. The reliability of our solutions guarantees availability and resistance to a very high activity load. They can also be easily integrated into a disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan.


To meet new uses and new communication needs, our solutions adapt to users’ needs. One can decide to add new physical or electronic destinations in a few clicks.


This industry requires speed of execution and availability of information. On-site or on the other side of the world, access documents, perform processing, and monitor their execution in real time.



From access rights management to total control of the solution in partitioned customer environments, we provide users with every possible security option to ensure optimal protection of their data.

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For many industrial and logistics players, robust solutions combined with ease of use are the keys to a successful project.

Christophe Wardavoir, MPI Tech Operations Director

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Looking for an industrial solution to manage your workflows and documents? Or for a reliable, robust solution that can be accessed from anywhere?

If these apply to your requirements, discover without delay our solutions to manage Digital data flow and automate production processes.

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