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Success Story – GEFCO-Ceva Logistics: A Global Leader in Supply Chain


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Document Workflow Management

The GEFCO Group is a world-class expert in supply chain solutions and the European leader in automotive logistics.

GEFCO is a major document producer: more than 60,000 desktop publishing workflows per day and 14 million documents produced per year. The implementation of a document workflow management and printing solution is a crucial issue for this company. The objectives are obviously financial but also translate in several ways: speed of execution of processes, fluidity of workflows within the company, and acceleration of document availability for operational staff.

Since January 2023, Gefco has become Ceva Logistics. Read the press release here.

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The GEFCO Group is a world-class expert in the field of supply chain solutions and the European leader in automotive logistics. 


Faced with the problem of a growing volume of data and the critical nature of the data streams to be processed, GEFCO was looking for a flexible, reliable, and durable solution to process all of its data streams. The trigger for the redesign project was the desire to replace a fleet of 600 aging matrix printers within the next three years.

The replacement of this park represented a significant cost. Added to this, were obsolete software solutions in place, which were inflexible, and not adapted to a multi-channel and cross-business solution: GEFCO then started a consultation procedure to find a responsive, efficient player capable of accompanying them.


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“ScopIOM has become the orchestra conductor of GEFCO’s multichannel solution.”

– Pascal LEMONNIER –

IT Project Manager & Product manager of GEFCO’s multichannel chaine

Proposed Solution

After studying the GEFCO problem, MPI Tech’s teams proposed ScopIOM™, a data stream scheduling solution. This solution perfectly met GEFCO’s specifications, namely: responding to the increase in the volume of data streams and taking into account a set of heterogeneous and critical data streams.

Following the request for proposals ScopIOM was the solution chosen. ScopIOM is a combination of a desktop publishing engine and a tool for managing print streams, spools, and printers.

It makes it possible to cover the entire chain of data stream input and output processes. ScopIOM provides simple, fast, and secure management of real-time processing via a web interface (in the case of GEFCO, purchase orders, and delivery). ScopIOM facilitates the implementation of dedicated rules according to the positions and directs the data streams according to the wishes and constraints of the business.

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Production Deployment

Decision-making Process

A request for proposals was initiated and the most relevant market players were identified. A Radar-type approach based on around ten criteria enabled the GEFCO project team, as well as the purchasing department, and the IT department to make their final choice.

Production Deployment

The installation of the solution was entirely carried out by MPI Tech‘s teams. The latter offered tailor-made support by transferring skills to the contractor.


Today, the scope covered by ScopIOM is greater than the old solution with a 25% increase in the volume of multi-channel workflows. Thus, ScopIOM has become the orchestra conductor of GEFCO’s multichannel solution.

Streamline the Publishing Chain

Reduce Infrastructure Costs


Optimizing Document Processes

Reduce Printing Costs

Improve the Operation and Support of the Multi-channel Chain

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We had known MPI Tech for more than 20 years and their experience in this field was key: their team was able to support us on new projects with a strong commitment to being able to implement solutions adapted to our specificity.

Based on a market tool, we had already put in place in the past, a solution adapted to our specific needs. It proved its worth until 2016. Quite naturally, I wanted to discover the ScopIOM solution


– Pascal LEMONNIER –

IT Project Manager & Product Manager of GEFCO’s Multichannel Chain

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