AFP Conversion Module™ (ACM)

Batch AFP to PDF Conversion Solution on Mainframe

Afp conversion module acm for mainframe
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AFP File Conversion to PDF – Batch and On-Demand Conversion

AFP Conversion Module (ACM) is a Mainframe batch solution for converting XML, AFP, and line mode streams into PDF documents.

ACM processes input files from Datasets (z/OS) or CMS (z/VM) and generates an output file of the same type.

This solution easily integrates into application workflows.

Key Functions: AFP Conversion Module

On-the-fly AFP to PDF conversion

AFP Conversion Module can run inside the CICS region and perform instant AFP2PDF conversion of single documents from applications running
inside the CICS region.


Making AFP Data Available on the Internet

The AFP Conversion Module solution produces documents in native PDF format, enabling full-text search capabilities. These system documents can then be made available on the Web.


Multiple Output Options

ACM uses the market standard formats AFP and PDF as the common platform and the generally available tool Adobe Acrobat Reader for data handling and viewing on the client. Document fidelity is ensured throughout the process, i.e. the output is a true AFP document.

AFP2PDF conversion is the standard process, however, AFP2PCL and AFP2PS (PostScript) conversions are also available as optional features.


AFP Document Integrity

ACM ensures complete fidelity with the original AFP document.

AFP to PCL and AFP to PostScript conversions are also available as optional features.

Ready for AFP/Archive (AFP/A) ISO Standard

ACM is prepared to support the AFP/Archive (AFP/A) standard. ISO 18565:2015 specifies the AFP document architecture by defining a subset appropriate for the long-term preservation and retrieval of documents and resources. The subset assures page independence and eliminates the use of resolution-dependent fonts and images, device default fonts, and external resources.

Functionalities afp conversion module

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Functional diagram acm (afp conversion module)

Explore the Features of ACM

  • AFP to PDF and AFP to PDF/A conversions
  • AFP, XML, and SCS printing
  • Compatible with all z/VM® versions
  • Compatible with all z/OS® versions
  • Input/output via CMS filesystem (z/VM®)
  • Input/output via z/OS®
  • On-the-fly conversion
  • Optional encryption
  • Support for vector fonts
  • PCL and PostScript outputs
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The AFP Conversion Module generates millions of electronic statements for Danish bank customers.
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Benefits of afp conversion module (acm)

AFP Conversion Module: Technical Specifications

AFP Font Support

ACM offers a variety of font support features. AFP Raster Fonts and AFP Outline Fonts are supported to ensure full AFP print fidelity. For minimized file size ACM also supports font mapping. Even a mix of included AFP fonts and mapped fonts is possible.

Full-color Support

Full-color support allows the user to generate full-color output providing enhanced appearance and quality of existing application data using full-color images, combined with colored text, graphics, bar codes, boxes, and rulers.

Application Integration

ACM allows batch conversion of the host data as well as integration with existing applications via interim data sets on disk or virtual storage.

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