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Success Story – Danish Bank

Afp conversion for secure documents
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Distribution of Millions of Print Jobs

The AFP Conversion Module (ACM) enabled a Danish bank to generate millions of electronic banking statements for its clients.

Initially, the outputs intended for the bank’s clients were in AFP format, processed through a spooler, and printed locally by a service provider responsible for the envelope stuffing and postal delivery.
This was intended to significantly reduce costs and ensure a secure delivery of sensitive personal documents.

“The time savings and cost reductions generated by this solution are remarkable: the printing costs are borne by the end recipient, and postal fees are eliminated. Furthermore, the use of color can be introduced in the documents without additional costs for the bank.”


The majority of document processing must be done periodically on a specific date and within the shortest time possible to reach the recipient on the scheduled date. Security is crucial for each recipient (especially for banks), and each document must be delivered to its intended recipient.

Reduce postal mail : afp conversion
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Proposed Solution:

AFP Conversion Module (ACM) has been installed and fully meets the needs for PDF document creation of the Bank and all its clients (banks, subsidiaries, or other customers) across the entire North-European region.

ACM precisely matches the criteria defined by the Bank’s technical team, converting all AFP data streams into PDF and segregating them based on recipients: each PDF document is placed in the e-Boks electronic mailbox of each recipient, who can then decide to read or print it.

Streamlining Processes

Reducing Infrastructure Costs


Enhancing Document Workflow Management

Secure Document Delivery