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Public Organizations: In Perpetual Change

The democratization of digital technology in our society is leading public organizations to adapt their means of communication and procedures. There are many challenges to overcome in order to respond to the difficulties of standardization, understanding, and access to information, even though digital tools have become massively widespread (84% have a smartphone, and 85% have Internet access). Source: Report on the Digitization of Public Services 2022

In this context, it makes sense to provide solutions that put the user at the heart of the relationship with the various public services. The large volume of documents, the need for responsiveness to user requests, and legal requirements are prompting many public organizations to structure and improve their “user” communication processes by using software publishers.

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The average employee spends 3.6 hours daily searching for information – an increase of one hour from the prior year’s report (Coveo, 2022)

Public Organizations

What Are the Advantages of Our Solutions?


MPI Tech proposes its software offer to public sector actors by guaranteeing visibility of its offer, financial readability, and respect for its approach (CSR, Quality, GDPR).

Integration with Business IS

MPI Tech solutions integrate seamlessly into existing information systems, reducing integration costs and making it easier to put solutions into production.

Adaptability of Solutions

The software solutions are scalable to the needs of the public actor. Thus, it is possible to start a project on a test population and then deploy the project on a large scale.

License or Per-use Mode

The acquisition of software solutions can be done traditionally by license or on a per-use basis to allow an easier project start-up or to better control budgets.

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Local authorities, administrations, and ministries need specific digital tools. Their objectives and regulatory constraints are not always the same as those of private sector companies.

Related Software

As a player in the public sector, is the search for a solution to manage documents or reduce postal costs essential?

If all these questions are a concern, document management, mail, and print solutions enable comprehensive data management within your organization.

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Workflow Solutions

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Mail Management Solutions

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Digital Document Security

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