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Document Processes

The construction industry is an important sector of activity in Quebec, generating more than $40 billion in investment each year. Hundreds of thousands of people and companies are active in the industry and are constantly on the move throughout the province.

Created in 1987, this organization is responsible for the application of the Act respecting labor relations, vocational training, and manpower management. This organization offers many services: social benefits, retirement, insurance, and professional training… These different fields of action inevitably generate large volumes of documents that must be mastered.

The solutions provided by MPI Tech have allowed avoiding the printing of several tons of paper each year by the 1,200 users and have initiated a transformation towards an all-digital approach.


The organization was looking for a solution to optimize its document processes, including the routing, conversion, and visualization of its prints. Indeed, many documents were still being printed on Xerox hardware via FreeFlow software. This printer, at the end of its life, was an opportunity to change the internal processes and replace these prints with digitalization.

The main objective of the project was to convert the majority of AFP printouts into PDF or PS format, standardize the methods, and also to be able to view these documents via a web interface. More technically, the solution had to manage the transfer and reception of print files from IBM (Z12) and Windows systems and to route these data streams either for printing (AFP to PS conversion) or to a document management system (AFP to PDF).

This routing follows a set of business rules developed according to the type of document and the information contained. The sales teams were contacted by the end customer through a discussion on the company’s website. Despite an obvious concordance between the needs expressed and the solutions presented, and being a public actor, the organization had to carry out a call for tenders at the end of which the company MPI Tech was selected.

Key Figures

1,200 Employees

2,000,000 Digitized Documents

3,000,000 Pages Printed Per Year

40 Billion in Investments

EDM & Archiving Use Case

Proposed Solution:

As a result of this RFP the customer selected MPI Tech’s proposal consisting of FastParser for conversion, ScopIOM and ScopIndex™ for workflow scheduling and data indexing, and ScopMaster+ for electronic document management and archiving. At the process level, FastParser™ processes prints stored on the mainframe and performs a conversion from IPDS to PDF and PostScript. Once this conversion is complete, the files are handled by ScopIOM™, which acts as the conductor of the orchestra by routing the documents according to specific criteria. This information is extracted from the documents by the ScopIndex™ tool.

Once these rules are applied, the documents are directed to the production printer and/or made available in the ScopMaster+ electronic document management solution. Today, all documents produced by the Commission’s mainframe are now automatically digitized and made available to users for viewing and searching in the ScopMaster+ solution: at the end of the day, several tons of paper are saved each year by the 1,200 users.

More than 3,000,000 paper pages are still produced by the organization with a mainframe output conversion speed of over 5,000 pages per minute thanks to the FastParser solution. Digitized PDF feeds, meanwhile, account for more than 2,000,000 pages per year. The organization begins, thanks to MPI Tech solutions a real technological transition towards digitization.

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