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Adding Value to Documents

Technological advancements are driving organizations to seek more solutions to secure and add value to their documents and data. From the obvious benefits of transitioning to the all-digital realm, such as ensuring document integrity and longevity, to the need to comply with regulatory and legal aspects, every organization has an interest in moving towards the “all-digital” approach.

Physical paper documents, on the other hand, are subject to numerous risks, such as quality degradation, ink erasure, document loss, theft, or other disasters.

Making this decision is, above all, choosing Digital Trust and ensuring process compliance within the organization.

Securing Documents to Support Digital Transformation

The main argument for digitizing and securing documents is to fight against document fraud. It is estimated, for example, that fraudulent social security benefits will represent between 14 and 17 billion euros in 2020 alone (source Very easy to manipulate and transform, the document, in its paper or simple digital version, is easily falsifiable and opens up possibilities for fraudulent users (false real estate loan files, social aid fraud, obtaining legal documents, etc.).

The use of digital solutions for document-issuing organizations to produce forgery-proof and totally secure documents is a major contribution in this context. 

Secure documents

Secure Documents

and Bring Real Solutions to Customers and Users

Secure Data Streams

The Scop Software Suite™ includes a global security solution: access, rights, document security, adding control means and powerful connectors are all available. 

Solutions Adapted to User's Needs

Simply want to have access to a secure document platform and perform a few simple actions (document validation, initialing, etc.)? The solutions are adapted to users’ needs. 

A Workflow that Accompanies the User

To orchestrate all the steps of creating and sending documents, a workflow engine acts to ensure the smooth running of the processes and alerts the user in case of problems. 

Compliance with Legal Requirements

Our Secure Electronic Archiving (SEA) solutions, electronic safe, and electronic registered letter (e-RL) comply with specific regulatory and functional frameworks.

Concrete Solutions for Documents

Securing your documents

Simple Solutions…

The document security solutions offered by MPI Tech accompany businesses in their daily operations and processes. Operating in perfect integration with Scop Software™ solutions or independently, document security is realized through various methods: validation, visual signature, electronic signature with a company electronic certificate, user-based signature with physical hardware (RGS), etc. These solutions adapt to the internal requirements of the company and the documents being processed.

Data security encompasses different levels: access restriction to certain documents, simple validation, and the addition of a visual signature are already the first steps towards controlling information and its dissemination both internally and externally.

To the Most Sophisticated Solutions!

Business challenges often require sophisticated information management solutions. Our teams work closely with the company to propose the ideal response and create the perfect solution. At every decision point, a set of rules ensures compliance with the company’s policies and preferences.

To support the implementation of these solutions, a powerful workflow engine is provided to orchestrate different processes and ensure seamless task execution. These different steps can be combined in complex processes that involve multiple users and various tasks.

Conversely, it can be nearly invisible to the user, seamlessly executing tasks without requiring any intervention.

Document and data security
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1 out of 4 organizations have digitized their processes to ensure compliance or to meet a need for trust and traceability

source : archimag novembre 2021

Related Software

MPI Tech provides a set of software solutions for document security in organizations. Each solution brings a real added value to document processes by answering concrete problems of security solutions and fighting against data theft or document fraud.



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