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The Simple and Easy Electronic Payslip

The evolution of the French legal framework since December 2016 (2016-1762) has allowed to implementation of the digitization process of payslips within organizationsCost reduction, time-saving, improved document security, and a more flexible delivery process are all advantages that encourage companies to take the step.

This information, essential for both the employee and the employer, must comply with criteria and be processed according to a precise methodology detailed in the application decrees. At the heart of the problem is hosting this HR data.

MPI Tech with its partner Digiposte, the French editor of the electronic safe of La Poste group, proposes a global offer of digitization of electronic payslips for all the organizations wishing to make their employees benefit from this new process of electronic delivery.


Key Functions: DigiConnect

Connection with a Company's HR Information System

DigiConnect connects easily to different information systems. By taking over the flow of payslips directly from your HR business software, the solution acts transparently without interfering with your current business processes. To achieve this, DigiConnect relies on the scheduling engine developed by MPI Tech teams to manage very large volumes of data flows while guaranteeing stability and performance.


Managing the Enrollment Process

The opt-in process is at the heart of the issue of digitizing payslips. Prior to 2016, it was necessary to obtain the employee’s agreement with the dematerialization of his or her payslip. Since 2017, the organization can offer the first digitized payslip to the employee at its own initiative.

In this case, the employee has the choice to tacitly accept the continuity of this transmission method or to express his wish to keep his payslip in a paper version. A solution for managing these pre-registrations and memberships each month allows the organization’s HR department to monitor, modify, add, and delete various memberships as well as the list of employees concerned.

Thus, DigiConnect manages both the sending of the payslip in paper version and in digital version. In the first case, the documents are sent to the company’s printing center or outsourced. In the second case, the documents are sent directly to the employees’ electronic safes.


A Secure Digital Vault

The electronic safe connector offer is based on a strong partnership with Digiposte, the electronic safe offer of France’s national postal group. The secure space offered by La Poste guarantees compliance with the latest security and archiving standards. As such, Digiposte complies with the NFZ42-013 archiving standards, ISO 27001 certification, the FnTC third-party archiver approval, and the approval of the French Interdepartmental Archives Service (SIAF).


Customized Support

The implementation of digitization of payroll is a complex choice in the life of the company. The payslip is often sacred in organizations and changing the way it is delivered comes up against technical, technological, and personal issues. Therefore, Digiposte offers organizations its customized change management process: Digicoach. This process takes the form of information meetings and sharing with decision-makers and employees to inform and convince as many people as possible.

Digiconnect functionalities

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Digiconnect functional diagram

Discover the Functionalities of DigiConnect

  • Compatible with all the company’s information systems: financial, human resources, administrative, marketing and communication, etc.
  • Automated management of employee adherence to the digitization process. At any time, an employee can choose to go back to a paper version: from the following month, his choice is taken into account.
  • Analysis and processing of the payslip file from the HR information system. Depending on the information defined upstream, the file is cut up and sent to the printing center or to the employee’s electronic safe.
  • A report generation system allows for real-time monitoring of the proper processing of payslips. These reports contain information from the scheduling engine as well as from the electronic safes: the objective is to ensure that each employee receives their electronic payslip on time and according to his or her choice.
  • DigiConnect does not stop at just processing the payslip flow. It is possible to send any HR document or other types of documents such as invoices for example.
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While 95% of German employees and 73% of British employees receive their payslips electronically, France is struggling to exceed 40%.
(Source: BPE Study – Archimag)

Digiconnect benefits

DigiConnect: Benefits

Securing the Delivery of Payslips

With DigiConnect, the security of French employees’ documents is guaranteed through a set of tools for checking and securing data streams. These data are hosted in France on the national postage service servers, respecting the current security standards.

Reduce Printing Costs

The digitization of payslips allows an organization to improve its ecological footprint by reducing or eliminating printing, enveloping, and sometimes mailing the payslip. This means easy savings by eliminating the need for printers and supplies.

Enhancement of Brand Reputation

Opting for the dematerialization of payslips contributes to enhancing the perceived value of the company in the market. Maintaining control over the company’s image and conveying a positive message for and around the company is an undeniable benefit for the employer brand.

Offer a secure space available 7 days a week

Digiposte hosts 100% of your data in France, guarantees the confidentiality of your personal data, and ensures the durability of your documents with lifetime storage. Accessible from PC, Smartphone, and tablet, Digiposte is available 24/7. Each employee can, in addition to archiving their payslips, host their invoices, important documents, contracts, and personal photos… by adding their various suppliers/contacts from their interface or by manually sending them.

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