A Plug-in Emulator for HP LaserJet Printer Family

Igp-kit for hp
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Turn an HP LaserJet into an IGP Printer!

The IGP-Kit for HP is a plug-in module that enables native IGP language on HP LaserJet family printers and MFPs, without application modification.

Alongside PCL, PostScript, and PDF, IGP becomes an additional language that can be directly understood by the printer.

IGP-Kit can extend the capabilities of an HP LaserJet printer, enabling 
support of IGP-encoded print streams without having to rewrite potentially costly applications.

Key Functions & Benefits: IGP‑Kit


Plug & Play

IGP-Kit is the ideal solution for IGP compatibility needs. The module comes in the form of a USB stick and connects directly to an HP LaserJet or other MFP printer. Once connected, the IGP language is automatically installed.

Optimize Budgets

By choosing IGP‑Kit, you can purchase a competitively-priced printer that doesn’t natively include the IGP language. This saves you from purchasing (and maintaining) expensive printers and rationalizes your print fleet. Depending on your print fleet, your return on investment is fairly short (almost immediate to a few months).


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Discover the Key Features of IGP‑Kit™

  • Embedded IGP language support on HP LaserJet printers and MFPs
  • Ideal replacement of costly impact IGP printers
  • Take advantage of Laser print quality from your IGP applications
  • Supports Barcodes, Images (logos), and Overlays
  • Seamlessly recognize and process IGP commands
  • Automatic switching between PCL, PostScript, PDF, and IGP applications

Enhanced IGP commands supported to:

      • Paper Size
      • Input Tray
      • Output Tray
      • Print Orientation
      • Duplex Printing
      • Watermarks
      • IGP to PCL font mapping
      • Slashed or non-slashed Zero

Converting HP LaserJet printers into IGP-compatible printers reduces printing and maintenance costs for the fleets.

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