Printing or Converting Legacy Applications

in IBM™ Environments

Software Solutions

How to Leverage Printing Data Streams in an IBM™ Environment?

Each of our solutions supports users in producing the documents generated by the legacy applications. Simple, flexible, and highly efficient, they provide concrete answers in terms of AFP, IPDS, Line Data, and SCS data stream management.



Transforming and Printing AFP, IPDS, Line Data and SCS Data Streams



AFP / IPDS to PDF Conversion Solution

Spool2print™ - spool management


Spool and Print Management Solution

Enterprise print manager

Enterprise Print Manager™

AFP Printing and Conversion Solution available on Mainframe & z/OS®

Docout ™


Alternative Solution for Printing AFP/IPDS Reports

Afp conversion module acm™

AFP Conversion Module™ (ACM™)

AFP to PDF Batch Conversion Solution

Print subsystem ™(pss™) afp conversion

Print SubSystem™ (PSS™)

Mainframe Solution for z/OS® and z/VM® Systems AFP Printing and AFP to PDF Conversion

Hexagones semi trans lighter 2 | mpi tech

Printing Host (IBM™ environment) applications are our specialty for 40 years.

Mainframe conversion impression | mpi tech
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Mainframe Printing & Transforms: Solutions for Every Need

For nearly half a century, 70% of the world’s information has been stored on IBM™ systems. It is from this environment that the fastest production of variable documents still takes place today. Whether for paper printing or the generation of digital documents, the specific formats created by these systems must be processed quickly with techniques offering absolute compatibility in order to maintain the total integrity of the information sought.

Our solutions, whether native or using conversions, guarantee this absolute data integrity. This of course in the context of printing on paper or for the production of indexed electronic documents intended for storage or sending via the Internet.

Compatible with all printers on the market, whether office, entry-level, or very high-speed, we have the solution.

Do you have a local printer and want to make it compatible with AFP/IPDS feeds? It’s possible! And this very quickly.

Do you want to produce very high-speed Indexed PDF or PDF/A from your AFP applications? Our Transforms are made for you.

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