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Each of our business solutions is involved in different stages of document production: from the scheduling of print streams to their monitoring or optimizing the sorting, grouping, and subdividing stages of its mailings to benefit from the tariffs postal industries.



Document and Print Streams Scheduling Solution



Real-time Production Data Stream Monitoring Solution



Solution for Sorting, Grouping, & Allocating Postal Mail



Secure Printing and Pull Printing Solution

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Postal costs have increased by 20% in just 2 years. Choosing a postal cost optimization solution is a matter of common sense.

– Christophe Wardavoir • Director of Operations – MPI Tech
Document production
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Optimize Document Production

Document production represents a significant expense for an organization. The various stages of workflow scheduling, printing, inserting, and mailing weigh heavily on company budgets. By using professional solutions supporting the production of these documents, organizations reduce printing, inserting, and mailing costs by optimizing each of these expense items.

Indeed, by optimizing printing and the number of pages per envelope, organizations save on the number of sheets printed, the cost per page, and the number of envelopes to be sent by Performing, Sorting, Grouping, and Collating operations.

Discover the solutions that enable the optimization of these expenses now.

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