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ScopTRL: Reduce Postal Costs

The evolution of postal rates over the last few years has encouraged companies to find solutions to contain or even reduce this expense item. Between the need to structure data streams and processes that are central to the company and the complexity of existing postal rules and standards, it becomes complicated for a company to implement solutions.

The ScopTRL solution in combination with the ScopIOM™ data stream scheduler ensures that company postal workflows are managed and allows for an easily calculable and attainable return on investment.

Whether it is for an in-house printing center or bulk printing is outsourced to external partners, we support the implementation of solutions to optimize the postal and printing costs.

Key Functions: ScopTRL

A Conversion Engine for All Print Streams

ScopTRL enables the conversion of print files into formats that are easily interpretable by all company printers. Whether it is AFP, PostScript, PDF, PCL, Metacode, or other formats MPI Tech solutions handle all business files and make them compatible while maintaining the integrity of data and maintaining or enhancing the aesthetics of the document.

Document Enrichment

Behind this term lies the post-composition stage, the final formatting of the document, particular additions, adjoining of data to facilitate the stages of impressions, and defining folds (code OMR, Data Matrix…). After this step, the document is ready for printing.

Sorting, Grouping, Allotment

Each file is analyzed and processed to optimize the number of envelopes used. Are there multiple documents addressed to the same receiver? The solution analyzes the data streams, and groups them together! ScopTRL has advanced business functionalities in mailing and postage expertise.

A Global Overview of Document Production

ScopTRL provides accounting and reporting functionalities for print streams. Thus, a production center manager can have a global overview of the production as well as precise activity reports allowing them to isolate under-used machines, over or under-utilized volumes, or similar examples of bottlenecks or unused capacity.

Scoptrl functionalities

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Discover the Features of ScopTRL

  • Scheduling, planning, accounting/reporting, spool and printer management, supervision, workflow control, automatic purging, access control, and group management features.
  • Removal of unusable content such as barcodes or insertion marks that are no longer needed.
  • Modification of document formatting (by adding color for example).
  • Enrichment by adding new objects such as new insertion marks to adapt to a new machine.
  • Generation of documents in another output format (e.g.: to adapt to a new printer, in AFP, PS, or PDF for consultation).
  • Sorting, grouping, and subdividing of different documents for mailing. Sorting by postal code, grouping letters for the same recipient in the same envelope, and creating several subdivision rules (weight of the letter, etc.).
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With the price of mail increasing by 8.5% per year for the past 6 years, the use of a professional solution for printing, enveloping, and mailing has become essential.

Benefits of scoptrl

ScopTRL: Benefits

A Global Solution for Managing Print and Mail Workflows

ScopTRL with its ScopIOM scheduling engine and its advanced document conversion and enrichment features offers a global solution to manage all business data streams (files and transactional documents) coming from company information systems and administrative services.

Optimize Postage Budgets

Postage costs have increased by more than 20% in 2 years. Opting for a solution to optimize the postage costs will enable a quick return on investment. ScopTRL can interface with any type of postal contract and take various mailing formats (e.g. economy, priority letter, registered letter). 

Control Document Production

By combining powerful business technology bricks, ScopTRL adapts perfectly to the company infrastructure and to specific business concerns to provide a global solution to control the production of outgoing documents.


ScopTRL delivers the possibility to integrate business workflows progressively. We adapt to company-specific requirements and wishes. Depending on strategy and printing volumes, we can also offer the possibility of outsourcing the printing streams to one of our print service partners.

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