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Conversion from mainframe to electronic safe
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Securing Online Documents

Securing safe and private access to electronic documents is a major issue for organizations and employees. Cooperation between major Danish institutions created e-boks which are secure online spaces for citizens and companies to receive and host data in a secure manner.

E-boks guarantees the integrity of hosted data and the availability of information.


KMD handles large amounts of output data from public Danish organizations. Since November 2014 they have had to comply with legislation that makes it mandatory that all communication from public organizations to Danish citizens is sent to a digital vault. 

Large portions of the output data originate from mainframe applications and must be converted to PDF for easy access and personal data must be retrieved from the document to ensure it is always sent to the correct personal vault. 

KMD was already using part of the MPI Tech Mainframe Suite for conversion and printing of mainframe output from their clients and needed assistance with complying with this new legislation.

Success story: electronic safe
Success story: online mailbox

Proposed Solution

KMD has been using MPI Tech’s Print SubSystem (PSS) software for many years to manage printing from mainframe applications.

The addition of the AFP to the PDF transformation module required for sending to electronic vaults was a simple and effective solution to continuing to offer the best solution to their clients.


Companies save on postage, KMD enters new business with MPI Tech’s PSS Software now the core of this web-based application converting AFP streams to PDF on the fly. This allows both users to use PDF as an archiving format and KMD to improve its profitability.

Reducing Postage Costs

Reducing Infrastructure Costs


Optimizing Document Volumes

Reducing Unnecessary Printing