Automation of Sending Postal Mail with the Solution ScopHybrid™

Success Story – Cerballiance

Automation of postal mailings
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Cerballiance Normandie is a Group of Medical Analysis Laboratories

The project to deploy the ScopHybrid™ solution as part of the automation of mailing operations directly from the laboratories’ ERP concerns Cerballiance Normandie Ouest (formerly biocentre), i.e. seven laboratories located in a geographical triangle between Falaise (14), Cherbourg (50) and Granville (50).

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Cerballiance Normandie Ouest produces about 2,500 records every day (7 laboratories in Normandie Ouest). These documents were initially sent by post (600 to 800 letters per day) or delivered by hand (about 300 letters) if the patient came to the laboratory.
Several types of documents were involved: test results, of course, but also care sheets, invoices, reminders, information letters, etc. All these documents were printed, put in a file, and sent to the laboratory. All these documents were printed, manually enveloped on site and, if necessary, sent by post.
Cerballiance Normandie was looking for a solution that would facilitate these time-consuming and costly manual operations: local printing, non-optimized postage at the full rate, mailing requiring a collection operation, and/or the mobilization of staff.

Cerballiance Normandie Ouest

7 Laboratories

300 Hand-delivered Letters Each Day

600 à 800 Postal Letters Sent Each Day

2 500 Files Treated Each Day

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“The objectives were not only to improve postal costs but also to reduce processing and delivery times and – ultimately at the staff level – to free up time for more rewarding tasks.”

– Jean-François LONGWAH –

Operations Manager of Cerballiance Normandie

Proposed Solution

In collaboration with our local partner for printing systems and digital solutions (Burologic), we audited several solutions. In the end, MPI Tech best met our requirements and proved to be perfectly adaptable to our operational processes. The ScopHybrid™ solution was initially deployed on a pilot site and then distributed a few months later to all of our analysis laboratories.

One ​​of the criteria for choosing the solution was its ability to integrate with our ERP, namely the Hexalis Bioserveur base from Dedalus. The ScopHybrid mail creation and sending solution have thus been implemented to allow administrators to send mail directly from Hexalis by simply using the file printing function.

ScopHybrid accepts several file formats: office formats (Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice), PostScript, PDF, etc. It is thus possible to take charge, in complete transparency for the operational staff, of various types of documents: treatment sheets, fees, blood tests, etc. ScopHybrid ensures the automatic categorization of the document (identification of the type of document) in order to facilitate routing (electronic or postal sending) but also, in the case of documents to be printed on-site, to ensure personal delivery to the patient.

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The user creates a letter from their business software. They can configure different options: color, double-sided, page background, insertion of annexes, etc. Then, they select the type of envelope and send it: Ecopli, Priority, or Registered.

A mail validation step before sending may be required. ScopHybrid™ takes care of sending the mail: by secure email, via a printing service provider, or directly to a printing center for processing.

For each letter processed by the administrative center of a site, a specific code is integrated into the document and it is automatically stored in the laboratory’s EDM solution. This information allows you to know if a document has been processed.

Time Saving

Reduce Infrastructure Costs


Standardize Documents

Reduce Printing Costs

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In addition to the undeniable time saving in mail management, we also appreciated the ergonomics and flexibility of the tool. For example, we have implemented a signature feature for certain types of documents.

For particular documents of a sensitive and/or confidential nature, the administrative center may require the signature of a manager or any other person referenced as validator before the actual sending of the document.

Each validator has access to a validation interface and consults the various documents sent to them. He can either “validate”, in this case his signature is included in the mail, or “refuse” by expressing a reason for refusal.

This information is then sent to the creator of the mail, who can then make the appropriate modifications.


– Jean-François LONGWAH –

Operations Manager of Cerballiance Normandie

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