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Recovery of Mainframe Documents and Provision to Users

Success Story – Insurance and Personal Protection Company

Mainframe conversion solution
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Thousands of Documents a Day

The regional branch of an insurance and personal guarantees company covering 6 French departments and regrouping more than 295 agencies. This company offers a range of non-life insurance, private insurance, life savings, and banking products.

As a significant account in this field, the customer generates thousands of documents every day: invoices, statements, benefit statements, and various documents, which can be sent by post or kept in electronic format.

Depending on the need expressed, these documents must be taken over from their generation on the IBM mainframe and made available to employees internally on a consultation portal.

Customized mainframe conversion solution


The customer produces a large volume of documents from the IBM mainframe every day. These files, after consultation with the logical unit present on the mainframe, are generated in IPDS format.

The employees want to be able to consult the internal reports generated by the mainframes and benefit from advanced functionalities: rights management, indexing, consultation, and annotation… As it was, it was natively impossible to implement a solution allowing us to perform all these actions on an object-oriented data format.

At the same time, the client formulated several requirements for the solution, namely: to perform indexing on multi-page files, to interface the solution with internal business software, to automatically straighten the pages (portrait mode, landscape mode), to interface with an LDAP company directory, etc.

The Insurance Company in Figures

2,100 Employees

600 000 Clients

295 Branches in 6 Departments

769 Million in Insurance Revenues

use case - mainframe conversion

Proposed Solution:

The client chose the MPI Tech proposal, which consisted of a tool for visualizing and making available PDF documents associated with an IPDS / PDF converter.

Thus, the generated data streams are immediately converted by BlueServer conversion solution from IPDS format to PDF format. Subsequently, the feeds are sent to ScopMaster, a solution for making them available to users and indexed. This last step facilitates the classification of the documents and makes them easier to search for.

Users can then consult the generated files and perform searches, sending annotations… Regarding the requirements, a response was provided to each point: the page orientations are taken into account and do not affect the indexing process, interfacing with internal business software is done by generating a URL for each document that will be included, user management is done from an Active Directory (LDAP).

Streamline the Publishing Chain

Reduce Infrastructure Costs


Standardize Documents

Reduce Printing Costs