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Secure PDF Invoices

Success Story – Converting AS/400 Generated Invoices to Secure PDF

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Conversion of Invoices into Secure PDFs

Berry Bros & Rudd is using MPI Tech’s BlueServer for AFP to PDF conversion and Email of AS/400’s Spool files.

Peter Gilbert, Applications Manager at Berry Bros & Rudd gave MPI Tech the requirement to email documents, invoices, statements, and transaction reports – from the AS/400.

“Since we have purchased the full license and moved the application to a production server in our computer room, we have found it very useful, easy to use and most importantly, a stable product. We are currently evaluating our invoices and statements prior to widespread distribution to customers.”


Peter Gilbert, Director of Applications at Berry Bros & Rudd defined the specifications for this operation to process documents, invoices, statements, and transaction reports

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conversion of mainframe data to PDF

Proposed Solution

Peter Gilbert explains:

“We downloaded an evaluation copy of the BlueServer software to try out. After loading the software onto a PC and spending a couple of hours configuring it (I wouldn’t suggest using a laptop with a firewall enabled) we were able to send reports to the PC in PDF format and with a few slight adjustments we were able to email from the AS/400.

We did encounter some security issues because the password-protected PDF documents were either fully on or off. We needed to be able to allow the user to print or save the document but didn’t want to allow editing. This is particularly important for invoices and statements.

After a very productive visit from BlueServer sales support, we were able to load images from PC documents and incorporate them in AS/400 reports using an IBM printer driver downloaded from IBM’s website. […]”

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