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Success Story – A British E-merchant: Vault 101

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Optimization of Document Processes

Find out how PrintSampler helps Vault 101 streamline document production and save money over time…

Vault 101 is a highly successful e-commerce company trading via eBay and Amazon providing high-quality body jewelry and has gone through rapid growth over the last few years. The rapid growth in order volumes presented a challenge, so they were looking for a way to change the way they processed and printed orders.


Handling Various Input Sources Proves a Challenge

Each storefront produced orders in varying formats leading to labeling paper having to be processed through the printer a number of times.

The Multi-step Workflow Was Very Time-consuming

Templates for 1st, 2nd, and international postage had to be printed before being returned to the printer to have order details added. Once printed the item was picked, the label was peeled off and stuck on the envelope ready for delivery into the postal system. With a large number of orders, a mixture of templates, and postage sheets the process was not only time-consuming but complex and costly.

Order process optimization for online store
Document process optimization: print sampler

Proposed Solution: Advanced Management of Document Templates With Definition of Automation Scenarios

The solution for Vault 101 was PrintSampler from MPI TechPrintSampler not only incorporates a powerful template management solution but also additional functionalities to split and index documents on a rules-based system.

An Intuitive Interface Ensures Ease of Use

Using the easy and intuitive interface any employee can use PrintSamplerVault 101 is now able to print and forget as batches of invoices from various e-commerce sites are sent to PrintSampler and output on a Xerox device.

Automatic File Analysis and Splitting Save Time

The new process consists of splitting the batches of invoices coming from eBay or Amazon into individual invoices. These invoices can range from a single page to several sheets. PrintSampler analyses each invoice dynamically to distinguish the type of document and mailing selected (1st, 2nd, or international) and adds the correct template for eBay and Amazon.

Printing and Archiving in One Process

In addition to splitting and sorting the invoices, PrintSampler creates a PDF copy of each individual invoice that can be kept for archiving purposes while also being fed into stock management and a CRM solution with relevant metadata. All these features are standard within PrintSampler and require no additional scripting. The setup and configuration can all be carried out via a simple-to-use GUI enabling Vault 101 to make changes as its business continues to flourish. 


Save Time, Reduce Waste, and Cut Costs

With the easy-to-use PrintSampler solution deployed, there is no waste, costs are down as only a single printer pass is required and productivity has increased as operations are streamlined.

Design Freedom Paves the Way for Future Growth

PrintSampler has future-proofed Vault 101’s document workflow by enabling templates to be changed quickly by the users (depending on login credentials) and dynamically adding trans promo details for future product lines.

A Simple Tool Has Huge Effects on Productivity

As Vault 101 has simplified workflows using PrintSampler productivity has improved and made it much easier to keep up with the increasing order volumes.

Printing and archiving software benefits

“Print Sampler has simplified our workflow and increased our productivity, it is simple to use and gives us more time to focus on getting our hundreds of orders out every day. All we do is click “print” and Print Sampler does the hard work for us”

– Chris Thomas, Director of Operations for Vault 101

Time Saving

Simplification of Methods


Waste Reduction


Improved Productivity