IPDS : Intelligent Printer Data Stream

IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream) is the print description language (PDL) for printing online AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) documents in using bidirectional communications between computer systems and printers (informing the systems about the resources available and the status of the printer, allowing instant error recovery...).  It was created by IBM in 1984, as part of the Systems Application Architecture (SAA) and is the fastest PDL used in transactional printing. Because IPDS is object-oriented in nature, pages are compiled using various object types (text, fonts, images, graphics, barcodes, overlays etc.). 


IPDS is the "online" way being used to print AFP documents. They can also be printed using the AFPDS format "offline".  
Learn more about AFP by visiting our dedicated page AFP : Advanced Function Presentation.

IPDS & Printers

Initially devoted to the printing of mission critical applications, and still the standard for large volume printing on high speed Cut-Sheet, Roll to Roll and Commercial Roll-Fed laser or InkJet devices, IPDS can also be implemented at the office printers.

MPI Tech : IPDS printing & IPDS conversion solutions

Since 1988, MPI Tech has created a complete range of solutions (both software & hardware based), processing native IPDS (BMP) at speeds over 6,000 ipm (images per minute) or converting it into the most popular PDL (PCL, PDF, PDF/A, PS...) on almost every available platform (Windows, AIX, Linux, Solaris, UNIX...)

As founder and member of the AFP consortium, MPI tech supports the latest enhancements of that technology.

IPDS conversions

  • IPDS to PDF and PDF/A 
  • IPDS to PCL
  • IPDS to PostScript