LinkCom III S

IBM IPDS, SCS, DCA and IGP printing to networked laser printers

LinkCom® III S is part of the MPI Tech LinkCom family. It has for years proved its value as a multifunctional and versatile protocol converter designed to support both IBM host printing and any PC/LAN printing on laser printers including laser printers with MFP capabilities.

Converting host data at the printer

LinkCom III S features a two port switch for connection to the network and for connection to the printer. IBM host print data will be translated in the LinkCom III S and converted into PCL or PostScript and sent to the printer using TCP/IP.

PC/LAN printing is directed transparently via the switch of LinkCom III S and sent unchanged to the printer. Any MFP capability of the printer e.g. remote configuration, scanning or fax option is maintained and fully operational.

Taking care of all print output

LinkCom III S is designed to work efficiently within the mixed Host/LAN environment and supports TCP/IP and SNA sessions directly from the IBM host systems as well as TCP/IP sessions from the LAN. The LinkCom III S will convert IBM IPDS, ICDS and SCS/DCA to the industry standard PCL5/5e or PostScript language used by most laser printers today.

LinkCom III S IGP version

The LinkCom III S range includes a dedicated version with IGP to PCL/PostScript transforms that let you replace costly IGP-only printers with standard office printers.


Key features: 
Converts IPDS, SCS and DCA to laser printers
Dedicated IGP version with IGP to PCL/PostScript transforms
Full IPDS support including colour printing
IBM host printing to any laser printer including mfp printers
Output to the printer using TCP/IP
Password protected set-up
Printer management using MPI Tech PrintGuide or web browser
Supports both TCP/IP and SNA sessions from the IBM host
TN5250e/TN3270e enabled

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