ScopMaster+™ - Indexing and archiving

Digitise and share documents safely online

ScopMaster+™ is a fully scalable, powerful document management system that enables any organisation to use, track, manage and store electronic documents throughout their lifecycle while securing data integrity.

ScopMaster+™ is simple to use and can be accessed via any web browser on any device enabling easy viewing of all documents. Log in credentials limit and authorise access to these documents.

ScopMaster + exemple de fiche de paie

Key Features

Detailed indexing and search function

There are two ways to search for documents within ScopMaster+™:

  • Use full text search to find documents containing any specific word, phrase or number. 
  • For a faster search documents can be pre-indexed, using ScopIndex™. ScopIndex™ adds fields of metadata as predefined by the clients requirements.


Instant visualisation of content

With ScopMaster+™ documents can be accessed within seconds via any web browser on any device. Additional features allow documents to be merged, printed, annotated, or distributed. 

ScopMaster+™ is ideal in any customer service department where staff need to be able to access any client documentation. With a powerful intelligent algorithm to drive its search engine agents can search for invoices, purchase orders, policy details or delivery notes on any criteria contained in the document.  

Secure user management

ScopMaster+™ secures documents guaranteeing integrity while restricting access to confidential material. Users or User Groups can have permissions granted to document types, storage locations or job functions. A full audit trial is available giving real time information on who has accessed the record and any amendments made.


Manage all digital documents

ScopMaster+™ is a single tool that covers all phases of the document life cycle providing “the right document at the right time, in the right place”.ScopMaster+™ delivers an easy to use, secure, fast and quantifiable return on investment.

Reduce print volumes

Reduce the need to print documents by digitising all output and sending it to ScopMaster+™. Files of a certain type can either be output to a specified hot folder or manually drag and drop into ScopMaster+™

Struggling to find a copy of that invoice or purchase order? No need to print a copy simply file all documents in to ScopMaster+™ and not only reduce the time to retrieve the document but there is no need print it in the first place or store a hardcopy.

Easy to implement

ScopMaster+™ is easily installed on company servers. Users and user groups are imported from the organisations LDAP directory, and information from various business applications can be quickly imported. ScopMaster+™ provides instant access to a growing volume of digital documents, delivering increased productivity, improved service levels and reduces costs.

Key features: 
Easy management and access through web interface
Available on desktop PCs and mobile devices
Index documents for better and faster search
Free yourself from paper!
Electronic document archiving
Documents are always available
Quick search function improves service levels and productivity
Easy to install and use
Controlled access to all files and folders with user administration