AFP/A Composer™

Delivering AFP/A output files with all resources embedded

AFP/A Composer™ is part of the MPI Tech Mainframe Suite. It delivers AFP output in AFP/A format ready for archiving. Output files are delivered to specified standard z/OS dataset or JES spool and can be delivered to other document flow solutions for further processing or storage.

AFP2AFP/A Composer™ makes AFP data ready for archiving solutions

Making AFP/A data available to other archiving solutions is a key element in the on-going host development. It is a priority to store the original document including all AFP resources making sure everything can be retrieved in the original form any time in the future no matter where the files reside.

The AFP/A Composer™ bundles an AFP file with all included resources and stores it in the specified data set on the mainframe. The authenticity of the original file is maintained for 5, 10 or more years. 

Ready for AFP/A ISO standard

AFP/A Composer™ is prepared to support the new AFP/Archive (AFP/A) standard. ISO 18565:2015 specifies the AFP document architecture by defining a subset appropriate for long-term preservation and retrieval of documents and resources. 

AFP/A Composer flow

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Key features: 
Batch delivery of large AFP ourput files in AFP/A ISO standard compliant format
Bundles AFP output file with all resources included in the original file
Compliant z/OS® and z/VM® levels 1.6 - 2.4 (current)
Input format in AFP
Input/Output via z/OS® data set
Make AFP output files ready for archiving
Output AFP/A
Ready for AFP/Archive (AFP/A) ISO standard
Support for outline fonts

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