Turn your HP LaserJet into an IGP® Printer

What if you could expand the capabilities of your HP LaserJet printer, enabling it to support IGP encoded print streams without the need for potentially expensive application re-writes?

Plug'n'Play IGP printing on HP Laser Jet printers and MFPs

The IGP-Kit is the perfect solution for your IGP needs. Simply plug the small memory module into your HP LaserJet Printer or MFP and the MPI Tech enhanced IGP language will automatically be installed.

The IGP-Kit is a plug-in emulator for the HP LaserJet printer family that has been developed specifically to provide users with a wider choice of printers for applications that generate the IGP print language.

Key features: 
Automatic switching between PCL, PostScript, PDF and IGP applications
Duplex printing
Embedded IGP language support
Insert watermarks
Laser print quality from IGP applications
Recognise and process IGP commands
Replace costly IGP printers
Select paper trays/sizes
Support for HP LaserJet printers
Supports Barcodes, Images (logos) and Overlays

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